Laser Marker/Engraver Manufacturer

With 10⁺ Years Of Manufacturing & Service Experience

Laser Marker/Engraver Manufacturer

12⁺ Years Of Manufacturing Experience

Wilaser Marker Functions

Welcome to Wilaser Marker/Engraver Manufacturer

Wilaser is one of the leading laser marking/engraving/etching machine manufacturers with more than 10+ years of laser marker/engraver machines manufacturing and marketing experience.  With in-time service and

punctual delivery, 80% of our products are exported to more than 40 countries since established in 2012 and with an annual turnover of more than 30 million U.S.Dollars. Welcome to use wilaser machines.

Quality Control Systerm

Wilaser manufacturer is certificated with TUV, CE and ISO9000 Quality Control System which guarantees the production quality.

Why choose wilaser

Why choose wilaser is because of the following statistics

High Efficient Working Staff
Beautifully Happy Clients
Monthly Huge Production Capacity in Units

Advanced Production Experience in Years
Countries Exported to
Online Service Hours per Day

Our Advantages

Our advantages

We have the following advantages for you
  1. Everyday 18 hours online service
  2. Have semi prepared products for quick assembly to delivery

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